Welcome to Escape Online...

As Australia's premiere, boutique, 'black tie' internet service provider, we have been advising small to medium businesses regarding all things online since 1996. 


We do not sell our soul to build up a huge database of home users nor do we chase the large budgets of big corporates and government. Our focus is squarely on adding value to the SME sector. We understand the demands on smaller businesses such as tight budgets and lack of resources and we know how to obtain results for our clients within these constraints! Whether you have an IT person on staff or not, we are here to assist with everything from just offering advice to providing complete solutions.


Our clients cover many diverse industries including Accountants, Solicitors, Events, Construction, Travel, Manufacturing, Retail, Associations, Health, Environment...and much more!


Our clients fall broadly into one of the following:

  • New - A startup business needing advice and solutions on a tight budget
  • Review - An established business reviewing it's current providers and services
  • Troubleshoot - An existing business that has a specific technology issue that needs to be resolved quickly, eg, a poorly setup voip system

We are all about assisting you to do what you do best so you don't need to do what we do best!


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