Ensuring that your business has the right internet connection can mean the difference between just being connected and being productive.

The most important things to look for when considering a broadband service are:

  1. Quality - How good is the speed and how stable is the connection?
  2. Support - If something goes wrong, can I get assistance quickly and is it good, sound advice?
  3. Cost - Is the cost appropriate for the service, ie if a service is too cheap then the quality will probably suffer. Additionally, if you can't get timely support, the consequences may far outweigh the small savings in the end.

Ensure that you select the right speed for your needs as well as a good amount of data included.

Don't forget that you are also able to bond up to 6 of any of our access services above to create a faster and more reliable service. More information about bonded broadband services can be found here.