Backup Plans

Backing up your important data is like any other form of insurance; you hope you'll never need it and it feels like a waste of money BUT when the time comes that your data is gone either because of burglary or fire or just faulty hardware, you'll be so glad you did!

There are many documented cases of businesses that had to close their doors after an incident simply because they lost their data and it was not recoverable.

Don't let this happen to you!

Many businesses backup to tape or an external drive. This is a good thing to do but it is only as good as the last backup you have that is offsite. If you only do a backup once a month then this is how much data you must be prepared to lose. Even if you backup daily, is it taken offsite daily? It is no good to backup daily but only rotate the backups every week or month because that is how much data you could potentially lose.

Also if you are backing up conscientiously, do you test the backups to see if they will restore? Many businesses have been backing up for years only to find that when they actually needed to restore a backup that the data was corrupted!

Whether you currently backup or not, make offsite backup a part of your disaster recovery plan.

Escape Online offers the following offsite backup plans:

We also have other plans available for 50GB, 500GB and 1TB. Contact us for details.