Escape Online offers the following POP/IMAP Email services:

  • POP or 'Post Office Protocol' has been the standard mail protocol for many years. Mailboxes are generally accessed via a client such as Outlook that retrieves email from a server for storage on a local user's hard drive. Messages are removed from the server immediately upon completion of delivery. POP is ideal if a user is checking email from a single device.
  • IMAP or 'Internet Message Access Protocol' is an alternative way to retrieve your messages from the server. Unlike POP, only the "headers" or subject and sender details are downloaded, leaving the rest of the message on the server. When the message is selected, then the content of the message is downloaded. Unless a message is specifically deleted and then purged from the server, it will remain on the server. IMAP is a good option if you check for messages on multiple devices.
All POP & IMAP services include spam and virus filtering.

At a Glance

Any compliant email program such as MS Outlook
Web Mail
Optional Features
Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Tasks & File Storage
Compatible with
iPhone, iPad & Mac
Windows Phone & Blackberry
P200 , P5000, P10000
For mailboxes > 10gb we recommend using our Hosted Exchange service for greater reliability