Inbound Plans

An inbound number provides your business with a single national number that callers can use for a flat rate, regardless of where they are calling from. The rate depends on what the user's phone provider charges however it is usually around 30c. A 1800 number has no charge to the caller and is often used to entice callers to pick up the phone and make the call.
An inbound number also creates the impression of a larger, more professional business.
A 13 and 1300 number does not incur any charge to the holder for the first 15 minutes where the call is initiated from within the same city as where the call terminates.
An inbound number can be directed to ring on any phone, landline or mobile.
Calls can also be routed to multiple numbers depending on various rules.
Escape Online offers the following Inbound plans:

** Free for 1st 15 minutes

6 Months Minimum Term