VoIP Plans

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is simply turning voice into data and carrying it over a data network. Once voice is digitised, it is able to be utilised much more, providing additional benefits to you.
Some of the key features of Voip include:
  • Calls can ring on multiple devices
  • Management via web pages
  • Can be serviced remotely over the network rather than sending a technician onsite
  • Voicemails can be received as emails
  • IVR menus can guide callers to the right person
  • Location is irrelevant on VoIP
Escape Online offers the following VoIP plans:

In order for a business to make the move to VoIP, the following steps are taken:
  1. Send a current telephone bill to us to analyse
  2. Discuss what are the objectives & scope business processes
  3. Create a proposal & agree on key points
  4. Decide on telephone hardware
  5. Decide on network type (internet, private, VPN)
  6. Choose between hosted PABX or onsite
  7. Sign off
  8. Installation
  9. Training
  10. Go live!

Rates & Options

12c Untimed
26.9c/min (No Flagfall)
Virtual PABX
$16.50 / user / mth
Establishment Fee
Minimum Term
12 Months