Escape Online or "Escape" was born in 1996 when it appeared that the opportunities presented by the internet would be more than just a passing fad! With only a handful of customers, Escape began providing dialup services to the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Since then, Escape has expanded to provide a national internet service catering predominantly to small and medium sized businesses.

Escape has evolved over the years to meet the new challenges of the information age and will continue to strive for excellence. An indication of this is the "Winner" acknowledgement awarded by the 2011 Australian Achievers Award.

Escape continues to grow as the internet industry itself matures. Throughout this growth, Escape is focussed on providing a highly personalised service for all it's customers as well as being a one stop shop for everything IT.

Our mission is to offer innovative technology solutions blended with integrity and old fashioned customer service.

We are committed to excellence in understanding customer needs and providing solutions in a timely and professional manner."

Who is Escape Online?

Escape Online was founded in 1996 by Alex Kain, a young businessman who had dabbled in using the internet since 1994 and saw a future for it.

Alex had previously worked in television and understood the potential of the internet as a communication medium that would allow individuals to self publish rather than this laying in the hands of media moguls.

After initially selling the service to everyone he knew, Alex then began forming strategic relationships with suppliers and resellers.

In July 2010, Alex took on a partner through the amalgamation with Nemesis Communications, another ISP that Alex had worked with since 1996.

The business continues to run under the banner of Escape Online and looks forward to expanding on it's offerings in an NBN connected world!