Virtual Fax, SMS & Voicemail

These days faxes are becoming less and less popular as a means for transmitting information. Some businesses still require them but many have replaced them with emails and SMS.
Also with the popularity of VoIP where there is no need for a landline, faxes are just an old and costly technology to maintain.
For those who still need to send or receive faxes, Virtual Fax is an excellent solution. Virtual Fax allows you to receive all of your faxes as emails with a pdf attachment. The sender will not know that you do not have a fax machine. They simply fax a document and it arrives by email to you.
With Virtual Fax you can also send faxes from the desktop. Either create a document or scan and attach it to an email and then send out as you would send an email - it then arrives on the recipient's fax machine.
Virtual SMS allows you to send out text messages to mobile phones also from an email program.
And on the same service, Voicemail will allow you to receive voice messages which will arrive to you as an email with a .wav file attachment.
We can issue you with a new number for you to use for incoming faxes and voicemail or you can port an existing number across.
Escape Online offers the following Virtual Fax, SMS & Voicemail plans:

Outbound Charges

Upgrade to Outbound Messaging
Outbound Faxing Flagfall
Outbound Faxing Rate
Outbound SMS (up to 156 characters / message)
22c each